Friday, December 31, 2010

Una canzone al giorno - L'ultima settimana!

It's the last day of 2010 and this's the last batch of songs I've listened to this year!

883 - Gli anni
Laura Pausini - Ascolta il tuo cuore
Club Dogo - Il mio mondo, le mie regole
Apres la classe - Vorrei sapere perchè
Tre allegri ragazzi morti - Puoi dirlo a tutti
Perturbazione - Del nostro tempo rubato

Every day of this year I've listened to an Italian song that I'd never heard before, and I think I've learnt a lot about Italian music by doing it. I'm very glad that I managed to stick to my mission of 2010!

I know I've already said it, but buon anno a tutti!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Favourite Italian Songs of 2010 - No. 5-1

Here's the second part of the list of my favourite Italian songs of 2010!

5. Fabri Fibra - VIP in trip

4. Cesare Cremonini feat. Jovanotti - Mondo

3. Irene Grandi - Alle porte del sogno

2. Perturbazione feat. Dente - Buongiorno buonafortuna

1. Jovanotti - Tutto l'amore che ho

Buon Anno a tutti!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Favourite Italian Songs of 2010 - No. 10-6

Partly because of my mission of listening to one Italian song a day that I hadn't down before, and partly because of the ridiculous amount of time I spend listening to the radio every day, my blog seems to have become quite music-orientated over the last year. And sort of in-keeping with that theme, I decided to put together a top 10 of my favourite Italian songs that were released this year. Here's the first half of my list, from numbers 10-6.

10. Max Gazze' - A cuore scalzo

9. Negramaro - Sing-hiozzo

8. Flaminio Maphia - Quelli che

7 .Crookers feat Fabri Fibra & Dargen D'Amico - Festa festa

6. Elisa - Anche se non trovi le parole

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Blocked. Stuck.

If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that I haven't been able to make it home for Christmas. My flight did actually leave this afternoon, but getting that flight wouldn't have been much good as I would've wound up stuck in London. I'd arranged to phone my mam last night and the second she answered the phone I knew it wasn't good news. She'd been stuck at home for days, the M4 was a nightmare, and there were a lot of problems on the trains. Getting back from London, back home in the middle of the country, would be pretty much impossible.

So, as difficult as a decision it was, we decided to leave it.

It'll be my first Christmas in Italy, the first one away from home. Last year I made it home by the skin of my teeth, and the year before I went home too. I went food shopping for Christmas dinner today, and came back with lots of goodies. I'm not much of a cook, but I'm looking forward to making myself a big Christmas dinner.

I'll be sending my Christmas presents in the post, and there's a parcel on its way for me too. I'm planning to go back home in February - when the snow's all gone hopefully!!

Oh, and I made it on-air on Radio Deejay last night again - always seems to happen when I'm feeling sorry for myself!! - and I make an appearance at 26:50 Nothing like a good sob story at Christmas eh??

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Song of the Week

Actually, never mind song of the week, this is the Italian song of the YEAR! And the rest of Italy loves it too, it's No.1 in the singles chart! Jovanotti's back with a fantastic new single, Tutto l'amore che ho, and I can't get enough of it!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Una Canzone al Giorno - Settimana 49

Yes, I know I'm late this week!

Perturbazione - Se mi scrivi
Tre allegri ragazzi morti - La faccia della luna
Meg - Distante
Elisa - Una poesia anche per te

Tiromancino - Un altro mare
Après La Classe - Libero liberi libera
Fabri Fibra ft. Diego Mancino - Idee stupide

A Christmas Card...

I'm not going to write about today's political events because I'm already fed up of it all! Instead here's something bello!

It's the Christmas card I got from my mam in the post - even though I'm going home for Christmas, she still wanted to send me one, nice eh?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Milan at Christmas

Christmas 'Fiere' in Milan

 Part of the Fiera degli Obej Obej within Sempione park

On Sunday I did a full-on raid of Milan's two Christmas 'fiere', or markets - Well, ok, one of them isn't really a market, it's more of an exhibition.... First I trekked over to Rho, another 'comune' to the west of Milan, to go to the Artigiano in Fiera, and then in the afternoon I went to the Fiera degli Obej Obej in Milan city centre.

The Artigiano in Fiera is held every year at the beginning of December at the exhibition centre in Rho, and this year it runs from the 4th-12th of December. It features exhibitors from all over the world, with the halls ('padiglioni') divided into exhibitors from the various regions of Italy, Europe, and the rest of the world. You'll see a bit of everything there, from jewellery, clothes, ornaments; to even stands selling furniture, heaters and staircases! And of course, there's a lot of food from everywhere - meat, cheese, desserts, chocolates, sweets... I was wandering around one of the Europe halls when I my belly started rumbling, and I decided to head back to the Germany/Austria area to get some lunch, I didn't fancy a lot (though I was tempted by the idea of a Currywurst I saw at one of the food stands!) so I got an apple brezen - very nice! I didn't spend very long there, the crowds were a bit overwhelming, and early afternoon I got back onto the metro and headed back into Milan.

... and hit the Fiera degli Obej Obej. This is the traditional Christmas market of Milan, and this year it's held on part of Foro Buonaparte (which was partly closed off to traffic) in front of the Sforzesco Castle, and also within the Sempione park. The Obej Obej market's held around the date of Milan's patron saint, Sant Ambrogio, which falls on the 7th of December; and this year it runs from the 4th-8th of December.

The market's named after an expression in dialect that Milanese children said when visiting the first ever market which was held - 'Obej! Obej!' (also written 'oh bej oh obej' and 'oh bei oh bei') means 'O belli! O belli!". The roots of the current market can be traced back to 1510 when a papal envoy visited the city and gave gifts to the children, which are then said to have reacted to the presents by saying 'obej! obej!'.

There are over 400 stalls at this year's market, and you'll find all sorts of great ideas for Christmas gifts, retro decorations for the house, treats for pets, and toys - and nice things to eat of course!

The Artigiano in Fiera can be reached on the MM1 (red) line, direction Rho Fiera (so don't get on the Bisceglie train!), and you can buy a return ticket for the duration of the Fiera that costs 4 euro to/from any station within Milan's city limits, for a journey of a duration of max 105 minutes. Just follow the crowds as you leave the metro stop! Entrance is free. (English)

The Fiera degli Obej Obej is on part of Foro Buonaparte and within Parco Sempione, also going off some of the streets around the park. The nearest metro stops are Cairoli on the MM1 (red) line and Cadorna on the MM2 (green) line.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snaps from Milan - Inside a tram

Here's a photo I took on the no. 33 tram earlier today, which was unusually completely empty - except for me obviously!