Friday, July 23, 2010

21 Random Facts

Now that I've got a more time to dedicate to my blog after moving house, I think it's about time everyone got to know me a bit better! Here are 21 random facts about me that you may or may not know:

1. I was born on March 27th, 1986 - which makes me an (unlikely, in my opinion!) Aries
2. I've been on Welsh, Italian, and Austrian TV!
3. I was brought up in a Welsh speaking family
4. I have a (very) sweet tooth
5. ... but I drink my espresso without sugar!
5. My favourite colour's pink
6. I've been teaching myself German since January last year...
7. ... which meant I was very happy to be spending my birthday this year in Munich
8. I went to Italian evening classes when I was in 6th form
9. This year I've travelled to five different countries to see Mika (obsessed, me??)
10. Since moving to Italy I've lost around 20 kg (around 44 pounds)
11. My favourite spot in Milan is Piazza Duomo (how tourist-like of me!)
12. I was 19 when I first came to Italy, to study for a year
13. Amongst my most-disliked foods are rocket salad and tomatoes
14. My favourite British programme is Casualty
15. I need a lot of sleep, anything even less than 9 hours and I feel tired
16. I've been to New York
17. I was in Turin during the Winter Paralympic Games in 2006
18. I dye my hair blonde
19. If I had more spare time I'd learn Japanese
20. My favourite course in university was on Dante's Commedia
21. I can't drive - and have no intention of learning how to any time soon!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to Speak Like a milanese

Before coming to Milan, the only other two regions in Italy I'd spent a significant amount of time in were the Marches and Tuscany. So with a good knowledge of Italian you can pick up the difference in language from region to region, and city to city. The accents are obviously different too, but here are some of my observations on how the Milanese speak:

The use of 'figo' - this slang word's heard outside Milan, but the first time I'd heard it being used was here in Milan -  and is it used!! It comes from a very coarse swear word, but in slang it's used to mean 'cool' or 'excellent'. A bar you love going to can be called 'a posto figo'. The opposite version also exists - sfiga is slang for 'bad luck', and a 'sfigato/a' is a loser or someone who is unlucky.

Use a bit of dialect - Like a lot of places in Italy, you don't hear many conversations in dialect anymore. But in Milan the odd word in dialect can be heard sprinkled in with standard Italian. Probably the most commonly used Milanese word is 'sciura', which means 'signora', but can have a more negative meaning.

The feminine pronoun - 'La' is always used in front of feminine names, so I become "the Nerys". To say you are going to Clara's party you would say, "vado alla festa della Clara"

Uè - a true Milanese greeting! In the street, on the phone, everywhere!

'C'avere' - I didn't realise this was considered Milanese until I found a genius group on Facebook called 'Questa è Milano'. I don't even realise I use the c in front of the verb 'avere' (to have) anymore, I guess it's just easier to pronounce than plain 'avere'!

And if you want to hear some hardcore Milanese in action, here's a song that 'prende in giro' the SUVs in Milan - the very broad 'u' in SUV's very Milanese!

    Sunday, July 4, 2010

    Una canzone al giorno - settimana 26

    Buongiorno from a hot & sticky Milan!!

    Laura Pausini - La Mia Risposta
    Studio 3 - Sto quasi bene
    Afterhours - Bianca
    Marlene Kuntz - Serrande alzate
    I Cosi - Domani
    Rezophonic - Nell'acqua
    Nomadi - Io vagabondo

    I've got a busy week in front of me - I'm going to Rome on Tuesday and then up to Codroipo (UD) to see Mika (VERY excited!!!), and then (even though I'm worried about tempting fate!!) I'm moving to my new flat on Friday!!