Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Do You Speak English?

Fabri Fibra is a legend!! I heard his new song on the radio a couple of days ago, and I was in hysterics! It's called Do You Speak English? For an Italian it's scarily close to the truth about modern society in England/the UK, but maybe I find it so funny because I'm Welsh and not English :D

It doesn't portray England in a good light at all, a big chunk of the song's taken up describing English girls, how they drink a lot and what happens when they get drunk - and it's not pretty! It may not be positive, but it's very true! It's the first bit I find funniest, a series of scenarios where the answer of "alright mate" would be given, such as when someone was giving you evils & wanted to beat you up! It reminds me so much of being in uni in England, when I used to use "alright" or "alright mate" far too much, it's not something that I use at home that much with the people I know. It's amusingly accurate that bit!

After over 8 months in Italy, it's funny to have this sort of viewpoint of England, it reminds me of a lot of things I don't miss about the UK! But it makes me smile when I hear this, England seems to have a magical quality for young Italians, things that are by now a completely normal part of society in the UK, even if they aren't necessarily accepted, are just so fascinating to Italians!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tourist? Italian? Somewhere inbetween??

I went shopping this morning, and as tourist season's well & truly underway, I seem to be causing the Milanese some confusion! I've got natural blonde hair, blue eyes & am very fair, so I obviously don't look Italian. During the winter nobody spoke English to me, well, ok, there were a couple of occassions, but nothing much. One I remember was before Christmas, I was in the H&M near Piazza Duomo, and one of the sales assistants started speaking English to me when I was going to try some clothes on. I said I spoke Italian, that I'd studied it at uni, and the poor guy said he was glad I spoke Italian cos his English wasn't great! He even asked me to check something they had up in the changing rooms written in English, about putting clothes back on their hangers or something; and it was nice being able to help out in such a way.

Today I had a lot of mixed reactions, some people took me for Italian, mainly the people conducting surveys on the street & the ragazzi selling bracelets/books; but it was only one person who actually spoke to me in English. It was a sales assistant in Zara when I was paying for my things. He said the price in Italian first, quickly followed by the English. Then I produced my Italian bank card, and his expression cracked me up! It was a mixture of 'd'oh!' mixed with amusedness, I think I'd managed to properly confuse him! Needless to say, he spoke Italian for the rest of the time he was serving me!

But I had a lovely morning shopping, I can't believe all the stuff I bought! Those 5 kilos I've lost have certainly made a big difference! Certainly made up for all those weeks I couldn't find anything!

According to one of the pharmacies in Piazza Duomo, the temperature was 31 degrees, that must've been about midday. It didn't feel that hot though! I know there was a nice breeze, but I think I must be getting acclimatised, at least to a degree! I just remember 3 years ago, during my year studying in Italy, at this point it was so hot, it was a nightmare trying to get a decent night's sleep! I know that was in the centre of Italy and now I'm up north, but it couldn't have been that much of a difference! I never would've thought that I'd ever say like 30 degrees was nice!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mika @ Teatro Parenti, Milan 6/6/09


I've had about 4 hours sleep after the most amazing night of my life!! As I'd mentioned before, I was going to see Mika at Teatro Parenti, in the Porta Romana area of Milan, last night, as part of his Songs For Sorrow acoustic tour. It was the first time I'd ever seen him, and it was absolutely incredible!! I'd heard a lot about the 3 gigs that had been, but I'd managed to stop myself from watching any videos people had filmed at any of the gigs as to not spoil the surprise! And I'm so glad I did that! I was absolutely blown away, even though I'd heard so much about the tour, it wasn't what I expected! It was definitely a very interesting definition of 'acoustic'! Including drumming on metal dustbins - ON a grand piano, wearing a silly hat & all! - a stage invasion during Lollipop, and the entire room on their feet dancing and singing! I was second row centre, an absolutely amazing spot! And that stage invasion, I was actually part of it!! Just thinking about it now is hysterical, one minute I'm standing in front of my seat singing & dancing, the next I'm on the stage, next to the grand piano, looking up at Mika who's stood on top of it singing! Absolutely mad!! And Lollipop's my favourite song of his by miles, so it meant so much to me to be on stage during that performance! And he did Relax, Take it Easy too, which I was so pleased about, because it was thanks to that song I became a fan, almost 2 years ago, when I was in Pisa doing a language course! What he did with it was amazing, it started off as a proper acoustic version, and by the end it was the full-blown disco Relax! And the new songs sounded amazing!! Toy Boy was very funny with the expressions he was doing, Blame it on The Girls was fab - I found out it's not easy to do that clapping & sing along at the same time LOL! - Good Gone Girl I've properly fallen in love with, and Rain was a real surprise!! I was expecting what he did in the Parc Des Princes, but ooooooh no!! It was much better!! Like mid-way between that and what we've heard of the studio version! VERY good!! The atmosphere was electric, and Mika's interaction with the audience was fantastic!

It was an absolutely amazing experience! The whole day was amazing, I spent the day with a group of amazing people from the MFC (hellooooooooo guys!!)! And I managed to meet Mika twice, though as the stunned fangurl I was I managed to make a bit of an idiot of myself, though I gave him my present & got an autograph so I was happy :D Such a shame that was the only gig I could go to on this tour, I would love to go through that again! Bring on the next tour!!